2021-impact-report – Marsha P. Johnson Institute

Focus on supporting BLACK trans people

2021 was a year of growth and cultivation as the Marsha P.Johnson Institute continued to focus on supporting BLACK trans people while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts. In addition, we expanded partnerships, raised awareness, began changing the media narrative, and introduced our thought leadership in the policy field.



Covid Relief Program






with $500 direct relief payments






as immunocompromised


More than









as formerly incarcerated

Disproportionately impacted
by economic turbulence

Improved lives for BLACK trans people most affected by white supremacy and systemic racism. The ongoing pandemic has created uncertainty, anxiety, and fear for our community, as we are disproportionately impacted by economic turbulence, including loss of jobs, reduction in hours, and lack of access to health care.

With the help of Google were able to provide direct financial support to our community for the past two years through our Covid Relief and Recovery Funds.



MPJI is honored to hold coherence in distributing resources throughout the country

From backpacks to socks to period underwear, necessities were given to more than a dozen organizations, including Girls Scouts of Ohio, Gays and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society (GLITS), Pride Center, Ali Forney Center, Black Trans Travel Fund, Staten Island Pride Center, Urban Assembly Maker Academy and The TransLatina Coalition. We are also proud to have financially supported Holistic Empowerment, House of Tulip, and Affinity Community Services.

We Are

More than 12,000 pairs of Bombas socks 

450 pairs of period underwear

Fresh and Fabulous for Fall Event

200 H&M gifts cards

200 H&M VIP cards

200 backpacks and purses from Steve Madden

200 Uber gift codes



Connecting with influential people and companies is a key way to spread our mission

Connecting with influential people and companies is a key way to spread our mission of protecting the human rights of BLACK trans people. Whenever we engage in a partnership, it’s essential that we are aligned on the mission to provide direct relief to Black transgender people. Our partners are critical to our success, but we want to ensure that the partnership benefits our community for the long term.

We Are

Ariana created an exclusive tie-dye kit for her merch store, with all proceeds going to MPJI and the Trevor Project.

Elle Moxley took over Hailey Bieber’s Instagram account for the day on Trans Day of Visibility.

For the first time, the estate of Tupac Shakur celebrated the LGBTQ+ community with an introduction to a new collection of merchandise, with 100% proceeds going to MPJI and Cindi Lauper’s organization True Colors United.

Zachary donated his winnings from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to MPJI.

We Are


Gonzaga University
University of California – Santa Barbara
University of Arkansas
H&M Internal Fireside Chat
Google Employee Talk
CJAF March Building Community Speaking Event
Fund for Safer Future Organization
Tufts University
Verily Life Sciences
White House Virtual Roundtable x 2
NY Women’s Foundation x Cause Effective Panel


Pyer Moss

Hailey Bieber’s IG Takeover
Shea Moisture/Sundial
Getty Foundation
Mozaic Columbus
King Lincoln Medical Center
Equitas Medical Center
Affinity Community Services

Planned Parenthood

Universal and Sony Music Group

The Trevor Project


Uplifting our voices & stories





We use traditional and social media

We use traditional and social media to uplift voices, stories, create awareness, build and strengthen our mission to defend and protect the human rights of BLACK trans people. We also use this public space to tell stories and advocate unapologetically for our rights.



More than 120,000 social

Including Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Brandi Carlile, Sonia Renee Taylor, Ibram X. Kendi, Ijeoma Oluo, Rachel Cargle, Miss Major, and Imara Jones



MPJI has been featured on CNN, BuzzFeed, USA Today, Time magazine, People magazine, New York Magazine, Essence magazine, PopSugar, InStyle, Variety, LGBTQ+ Nation – reaching an estimated 2.28 billion readers.

We Are


  • Yahoo! News Interview
  • Huffington Post Interview
  • Bad with Money Podcast
  • German Radio Network ARD


  • Time Magazine OpEd



  • Motherly Podcast –  most downloaded episode of all time
  • Popsugar
  • CNN


  • Buzzfeed
  • Forbes


Elle Moxley has taken MPJI from an idea to leading a thriving organization. This past year also marked advances in the organization’s growth with the addition of key staff.

In May, Gaylon Alcaraz joined MPJI as our first Director of Operations. Gaylon’s work is critical in identifying the right mix of people and systems to reach our ambitious goals.

We Are

Elle Moxley

Founder & Executive Director

Gaylon Alcaraz

Director of Operations




MPJI strategically engaged in policy initiatives impacting our communities

This year, MPJI strategically engaged in policy initiatives impacting our communities; the largest was the We
Deserve Equality Act initiative, which calls on Congress to urgently pass the Equality Act. The initiative was written by BLACK transgender people, advocating for federal protections and direct resources in our community to support housing, employment, wealth inequality, reproductive justice rights, and alternatives to policing. In addition, there are (5) demands that advocate for BLACK transgender people. As of December 2021, there are over 550 individual signatures with 11 organizational sign-ons. While the bill remains stalled in the Senate, we are hopeful for its progression in 2022.


DEMAND 1: We understand having a home to be an inalienable right, and therefore demand prioritized housing for BLACK trans individuals, including subsidies and vouchers to support their immediate safety, as well as comprehensive wrap-around services to support them in maintaining housing.
DEMAND 2: Boldly, we call for the abolition of all prisons, jails, and detention facilities, along with the immediate release of political prisoners. Directly impacted communities need resources alternative to law enforcement interventions and other punitive measures that jeopardize the safety and wellness of BLACK trans people.
DEMAND 3: We call for a basic income for BLACK trans people, which includes recurring payments to individuals regardless of income from other sources, without the obligations of performance or work of any kind.
DEMAND 4: We demand genderless comprehensive healthcare options for trans people, and de-gendering of currently available services.

We continue to build relationships with our strategic
partners, including NCAVP and Community Justice Action
Fund, focusing on both spaces being anti-violence

Considering that more anti-trans bills were introduced in state legislatures in 2021 than in any previous year on
record, advocates must build localized power to bring about attention and demand change.

DEMAND 5: We demand the direct investments in our well-being that would prevent us from encountering disproportionate violence in the first place.

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