Join the Movement to #ReclaimMarsha

On June 28th – we all will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the day the Stonewall rebellion began – The Marsha P. Johnson Institute is galvanizing our people, to show the world the power and importance of BLACK trans women like Marsha to modern history so that we will never have to reclaim movements and history that have always belonged to us.
To commemorate the 50th anniversary we’re officially launching our website which has a function for those who believe in the human rights of BLACK transgender people to become members and partners. We’re partnering with artists, activists and incredible talent to launch a full website inspiring us all to stand up, speak out, and support one another with the hopes that we will be educating the public about one of our great heroes and exposing those who’ve never heard of Marsha, to the greatness of how amazing Ms.Pay It No Mind was and is while continuing to keep the legacy of her organizing and activism alive in new ways for more BLACK transgender people.
We want to partner with you, too! Help us create a wave of positivity and support celebrating BLACK trans women changemakers all over the world by raising your hand to #ReclaimMarsha.


Here is how…

DONATE: Your contribution to MPJI would enable us to continue to elevate, support, and nourish the voices of BLACK trans people. Every dollar you donate is plugged directly into our work, fortifying and strengthening the rights of BLACK transgender people.


WRITE on your hand(s) #ReclaimMarsha

SNAP: take a picture or video for your social channel(s)with a caption/or speaking about how you support BLACK trans people and activism and why it’s important for you to #ReclaimMarsha
SHARE: on June 28th your picture on social media with #ReclaimMarsha, tag @mpjinstitute and tag 5 friends who you want to participate

For more information on the MPJ Safety Act please click the link below.

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In short:

When: June 28th, 2019 – 50th Anniversary of Stonewall Rebellion/The Day Marsha threw the brickl
Why: Show the world the power of Marsha and why we’ve erected our own institution in her name
How: Write your #Reclaim Marsha on your hand. Snap your pic. Share with friends
Hashtag: #ReclaimMarsha
Tag: @MPJInstitute

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