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An Open Letter to HRC From Trans Community Leaders

As transgender and nonbinary leaders of prominent advocacy, grassroots, national, regional, legal, and leadership development organizations across the United States, we are troubled by Human Rights Campaign’s announcement of its new “trans-centered” framework, which we first learned about on Out.com. Trans people, and primarily Black trans leaders and trans leaders of color, have been leading the work for trans liberation since long before HRC existed. As new HRC president Alphonso David acknowledged to Out, our work in recent decades has more often been opposed and undermined by HRC rather than supported. 

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Madame Noire

Marsha P. Johnson Institute Reveals The MPJI Safety & Wellness Act To Protect The Lives Of Black Trans Women

Denali Berries Stuckey. Brooklyn Lindsey. Zoe Spears. Chanel Scurlock. Chynal Lindsey. Paris Cameron. Michelle WashingtonMuhlaysia Booker. Claire Legato. Ashanti Carmon. Jazzaline Ware and Dana Martin.

These are the names of 12 Black trans women who were killed in a swift stroke of violence over the last six months. This month, the Marsha P. Johnson Institute announced its plan to take on the targeted wide-spread violence of Black trans women in America by announcing The MPJI Safety and Wellness Act.

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Meet the woman trying to change laws after 11 transgender women were murdered this year | #ForTheCulture


PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. — In 2019, there have been at least eleven transgender women killed that we know of across the country.

All the victims were black, and two of them lived in the D.C.-area.

Ashanti Carmon and Zoe Spears were killed in Prince George’s County two blocks away and two months apart.

However, violence against black trans women is nothing new.

The Human Rights Campaign tracked deaths of more than 25 transgender people in 2018 and most of them were transgender women of color.

“It felt devastating,” Elle Hearns said. “I think D.C. has always billed itself as progressive and a safe space for women – for black trans women in particular. The reality is that it is a falsity of hope.

The violence happening to black transgender women in America lead Hearns to start the Marsha P Johnson Institute (MPJI).

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